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Zinc Rich Coatings

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973 Zinc Rich Epoxyester Primer


ICSC 973 is a zinc rich epoxyester primer designated for steel substances. It combines the high protective performance of zinc dust with the film durability of an epoxyester resin. This provides for a superior anti-corrosive primer with the ease of application of a single component coating.


ICSC 973 can be used on any steel substrate that requires a long service life. Typical application would include marine structures, barges, oil rigs, etc. It should not be used on steel that requires welding after the primer has been applied, unless repainting the area is scheduled.


For optimum service life of the coating, the steel substance should be abrasive blasted in accordance with SSPC-SP5 white blast for immersion service. For non-immersion service, abrasive blast to near-white, SSPC-SP10. All weld spatter and slag must be removed and all welds ground smooth of all sharp edges prior to painting. The surface should be clean and dry; free of all oil, grease, and dirt.

Application should be made by conventional or airless spray methods. Each coat should be applied at 5-6 mils wet. Two coats should be applied if the structure is to be placed in severe exposure conditions, such as marine applications. It should then be topcoated with an enamel or acrylic finish coat. This will provide an excellent coating system that will give many years of protective service.