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107 Aluminum

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ICSC 107 is a standard dry petroleum resin aluminum designedf or industrial a pplica tions. It provides a bright reflective finish as well as providing good weathering protection. When used on metal buildings and roofs, the reflective finish offered by ICSC 107 helps keep the inside of the structure cooler. It features higher solids and aluminum content over our more economical 104 Aluminum.


ICSC 107 finds typical application on metal roofs and buildings for energy savings and for weathering protection. It may also be used on a variety of other items such as machinery and equipment, farm implements, and rental tools.


ICSC 107 should be applies over a primed metal substrate. The top primer recommendation would be ICSC 221. This will provide a good base coat for adhesion and also will give an excellent added measure of corrosion resistance. ICSC 106 can be applied by brush, roller, or by conventional or airless spray methods. It should be applied at 4-5 mils wet, yielding around 2 mils of dry film thickness. For more serious exposure conditions, two topcoats of ICSC 107 are recommended.