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110 Aluminum

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ICSC 110 is our premier grade aluminum finish. It is based on an epoxyester resin for optimum protection against weathering and corrosion. It is also able to resist moderate chemical environments. ICSC 110 has the longest service life of any of our aluminum finishes.


ICSC 110 finds a variety of uses throughout the industry. When used on metal roofs and buildings, it provides a long-lasting reflective surface to help reduce energy costs. It also finds extensive use on storage tanks, platforms, gratings, and walkways. ICSC 110 is the choice when long term weathering and corrosion protection are required.


ICSC 110 should be applied over a primed metal substrate. Use ICSC 244 QD Primer or ICSC 219 Primer as a base coat under ICSC 110 Aluminum.

After the primer has been applied, sufficient recoat time must be allowed. Then the surface must be kept free of all dirt, oil, and grease. Best results will be achieved by applying ICSC 110 with a conventional or airless spray rig. It should be applied at 5-6 wet mils per coat. Two coats should be applied if more severe exposure conditions are to be encountered.