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B-22 Epoxy is a two-component 100% solids epoxy designed as an adhesive for use on concrete and steel substrates.




Proper surface preparation is imperative for maximum service life. The concrete or steel surface to be bonded should be cleaned of all dirt, oil, grease, loose particles, and previous coatings. This is best achieved by sandblasting and then vacuuming the surface. However, a simple degreasing wipe with a solvent rag will usually suffice if the integrity of the substrate is solid.

Mix equal parts by volume of Resin Part A and Catalyst Part B as packaged by the manufacturer. It is recommended that a mechanical agitator be used, such as an electric drill with a mixing paddle attached. After mixing for at least three minutes, the epoxy may then be applied immediately.

Apply a thin, uniform film to the substrate to be bonded by the use of a trowel or putty knife. The bond requires about 2 hours of set before being placed into initial service. While most of the bond strength will be achieved in 24 hours, full cure strengths will be reached after 7 days.

B-22 Epoxy is designed to be used on substrates with surface temperatures above 50F. If used at lower temperatures, full cure may not be achieved until the surface temperature exceeds 50F.