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Black Pipe Coatings

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ICSC 309 is a bituminous external pipe coating used for weatherirng protection on drill pipe. It forms a hard, opaque finish that will hide many of the pipe's imperfections.

ICSC 309 Black Pipe Coating can provide weathering protection on drill pipe for up to one year, depending upon the surface preparation, weathering conditions and exposure, and mil thickness application.

ICSC 319 is the high solids low VOC version of 309 to help meet various emission stadards. ICSC 319 has a V.O.C of 3.4 lb./gal.


ICSC 309 is used almost exclusively on drill pipe for protection against weathering and corrosion. It provides an economical opaque, black finish that helps hide old markings and blemishes on the pipe. It may also be used as an economical black enamel for non-critical applications.


For best results, the pipe should be cleaned thoroughly before coating. This may be achieved by power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP3) or by brush-off abrasive blast (SSPC-SP7). All loose rust, mill scale, dirt, oil, and grease must be removed for proper service life. ICSC 309 is supplied at a sprayable viscosity, so no further thinning is required. Spray application is generally recommended, using either conventional or spray methods. It should be applied at 4-5 wet mils for best results. Additional weathering may be achieved with the application of a second coat after 4 hours.