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Clear Pipe Coatings

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ICSC 112 is a phenolic-modified external pipe coating. It has been used extensively for a great many years because of its ability to provide excellent weathering protection for drill pipe at an economical price. ICSC 112 is manufactured with a translucent color, so that minor pipe blemishes become unnoticeable. However, it stills permits the pipe markings to be clearly seen through it.

ICSC 112 Pipe Coating can provide weathering protection on drill pipe for up to one year, depending upon surface preparation, weathering conditions and exposure, and mil thickness application.

ICSC 112 is also available in a version characterized by a lower volatile organic compound formula to meet various emission standards. This product, designated ICSC 112 Low voc, has a VOC rating of 4.2 lb./gal.


ICSC 112 and 112 Low VOC are used exclusively for the weathering protection of drill pipe while in storage and in the field. It provides a tough film barrier that gives pipe a shiny, new look that is so important to potential pipe customers. Whether it's for seven days or seven months, good looking drill pipe is its own best advertising.


For best results, the pipe should be cleaned thoroughly before coating. This may be achieved by power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP3) or by a brush-off abrasive blast (SSPC-SP7). All loose rust, mill scale, dirt, oil, and grease must be removed for proper service life. ICSC 112 and 112 High Solids Low VOC are supplied at a sprayable viscosity. Spray application may be achieved by conventional or airless type rigs. Brush or roller may also be used, although using them will generally reduce the application rate. These pipe coatings should be applied at a thickness of 4-5 wet mils for best results. If longer service is desired from the coatings, a second coat may be applied after 4 hours.