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219 Red Oxide Primer

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ICSC 219 is a very fast dry alkyd metal primer pigmented with red iron oxide. Its fast dry permits a short interval time before recoating. ICSC 219 Primer may be used as a prime coat under the ICSC 400 series enamels or the ICSC acrylic enamels. It is a medium duty primer and should not be used when corrosion prevention is the primary objective, as its fast dry limits its penetrative abilities. ICSC 219 is based on a lead-free formulation.


ICSC 219 Primer is a favorite choice when time limitations govern the painting schedules. With a recoat interval recommendation of three hours, an entire paint system may be completed within a single work day. It may be used on many items, including rental tools, shop equipment, and various metal parts.


To obtain maximum service life of any paint system on steel substrates, a clean surface free of all loose paint, moisture, dirt, grease, oil, and rust is required. This may be achieved by power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP3), or more effectively by sandblasting (SSPC-SP6). All weld spatter and slag must be removed and all welds ground smooth of all sharp edges prior to painting.

Application should be by conventional or airless spray. The use of one coat of primer and two finish coats will provide a durable paint system consisting of 3-4 mils of dry film. Viscosity reduction is accomplished using ICSC 35 Thinner, although in hot summer months ICSC 30 Thinner is recommended to prevent overspray .