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221 Zinc Chromate Primer

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ICSC 221 is a linseed oil modified alkyd primer pigmented with red iron oxide, zinc chromate, and zinc oxide. This combination of materials results in excellent rust-inhibitive properties along with excellent penetrative ability, making it an ideal general purpose primer. ICSC 221 is the workhorse of the primer line, coupling moderately fast dry with superior weathering protection.


ICSC 221 is recommended as an industrial duty steel primer designed for all but the most severe atmospheric conditions. As with most primers, ICSC 221 should be topcoated with afinish coat, such as the gloss enamels in the ICSC 400 series. A variety of items may be protected by this system, such as shop equipment, machinery, structural steel, land bound oil rigs, and metal buildings.


To obtain maximum service life of any paint system on steel substrates, a clean surface free of all loose paint, moisture, dirt, grease, oil, and rust is required. This may be achieved by power tool cleaning (SSPC-SP3), or more effectively by sandblasting (SSPC-SP6). All weld spatter and slag must be removed and all welds ground smooth of all sharp edges prior to painting.

First choice in application is conventional or airless spray. However, by thinning with ICSC 20 thinner, ICSC 221 may be applied by brush or roller. Finish coats should be selected from ICSC 400 series enamels. Two coats of primer with one or two coats of finish enamel will provide 4-5 mils of dry film on the steel. This system will give optimum service against the effects of weathering.